Attention. Women Over 40 Who Want To Lose Weight And Belly Inches

The Midlife Weight Loss Secrets You’re Not Supposed To Know

Are you struggling with weight gain, especially in the Belly area and find that your old weight loss methods just don’t work any more?

Hi, my name’s Helen Claire. In the next couple of minutes i’m going to show you a new method that is going to revolutionize the way you approach weight loss and help you finally lose your belly bulge In as little as 21 days {even if your old diet methods don’t work anymore}

Did you know that…

65% of dieters return to their pre-diet weight within three years.

and only 5% of people who lose weight on a restrictive diet keep the weight off.

In fact a study at UCLA {7} found that “Diets are not effective in treating obesity,”

And this problem becomes even more difficult once you hit 40 when you also throw Perimenopause and Menopause symptoms into the mix...

 A Message from Helen Claire

Women's Weight Loss Expert and Founder of THE BELLYBOSS 21 DAY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE.

Heres The Problem You Face

Once you start to move into midlife and head over 40 your metabolism starts to slow down and your hormones take on a crazy life of their own! Right?

Weight starts to pile on, especially round the middle but when you go back to your old tried and tested methods of weight loss you find they don’t work any more!

You've got a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes that you can’t fit in any more thanks to that annoying roll that is slowly growing around your belly.

But the problem is that you try a few different weight loss products or clubs but nothing works and the weight keeps coming. 

Maybe you lose a few pounds here or there but the weight always comes back as soon as you start eating normally again.

This is because the weight loss industry bases its business model on returning customers.

It doesn’t tackle your weight problem at the root because that would stop the repeat business it relies upon for profit.

On top of that, a lot of weight loss advice comes from young male personal trainers. 

They have no idea what it’s like to just LOOK at a cake and put more weight on around your middle!

Their advice is not tailored to the metabolism of a woman over 40

So you carry on. You put everyone else first and are under a lot of pressure at home and at work. 

You don’t have time or energy to spend on yourself so your health suffers. You may even be starting to experience the aches and pains of midlife or menopause symptoms.

You start to feel old, tired, unattractive and like you are are on a slippery slope to old age and ill health.

You are asking yourself “is this it?”

You may resign yourself to feeling older and heavier. That it’s just something you have to accept

But Here’s The Sobering Truth About Belly Fat…

For women over 40, 

Belly Fat Isn’t Just A Cosmetic Problem.

Breast Cancer, Diabetes,Heart Disease Dementia, and general cancer rates in women are all skyrocketing

In fact. According to the CDC

 “Being overweight or having obesity increases your risk of getting cancer.

“Being overweight or having obesity are linked with a HIGHER RISK of getting 13 TYPES OF CANCER. These cancers make up 40% of all cancers diagnosed in the United States each year.”

Belly fat {visceral fat} is silently killing your body, damaging your brain, and destroying your health and happiness.

Here's what I discovered when I dug through the medical research...

For Women over 40 and heading towards Menopause, Belly Fat isn’t just a cosmetic problem. Belly fat is silently killing your body, damaging your brain, and destroying your health and happiness.

  • Belly Fat is a significant risk factor for women developing Breast Cancer {Visceral obesity and breast cancer risk.} {1}

  • Being overweight or obese is linked with a higher risk of getting 13 different types of cancer. These cancers include Breast Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, and Cancers of the Uterus and Ovaries. CDC {2}

  • Black Female Breast Cancer Patients who had higher amounts of Belly Fat were more likely to die from their Breast Cancer than similar women without Belly Fat. This was true for both premenopausal and postmenopausal women. {3}

  • Belly Fat drives dangerous inflammation that silently damages your organs, brain, and heart without you realizing it until it's too late. According to a report in the Journal Diabetes. {4}

  • A study from Sweden found that women with Belly Fat in their 40s and 50s were more than twice as likely to develop Dementia and Alzheimer's disease than thin-waisted women. {5}

  • Belly fat increases the risk of stroke and heart disease in older women. In fact, Women with Belly Fat were three times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. According to research by the American Heart Association. {6}

I lost my own Mom to Breast Cancer much too young...

As I was growing up I watched my own Mom struggling with her weight as she hit midlife.

Me and my Mom when I was little...

She tried everything to slim down. The popular diets of the time from the diet industry. 

Fad diets like the F Plan diet, The grapefruit diet, and The lemon juice diet. 

She was always on a different diet or at a Slimming Club. Trying to find the magic bullet.

But none of the diets tackled the root cause of her weight gain. 

They just kept taking her money.

Nothing worked and her weight and belly size kept increasing over the years. My poor mom lost her confidence and joy.

But what she also lost was her health.

My mom's obesity meant that in midlife she started to succumb to a variety of illnesses which sapped her ability to enjoy her life. 

She developed Metabolic Syndrome which lead in turn to a variety of serious and disabling Auto-Immune Conditions and finally the Breast Cancer which killed her.

My mom lost the best part of her life. Relaxed time she should have spent enjoying her kids and watching her grandkids grow up. 


She missed out on so many years of enjoyment… And my kids missed out on their beloved Grandma.

And I miss her and her wisdom every day…

I believe you deserve this opportunity of a “wake-up call"

As a woman who misses her Mom, I know your family deserves this chance too.

And YOU deserve the chance to feel slim, healthy, fit, full of energy and free of nagging midlife symptoms that drag you down

I'm here because I struggled with this problem too.

In fact, when I was 47 someone mistakenly asked me if I was pregnant because my belly was so large!! I was absolutely mortified and hit rock bottom

I had tried so many different weight loss methods, local membership clubs {where I actually put weight on at the weigh in - so embarrassing}, shakes and expensive fads

But nothing worked to shift my rolls of belly fat and excess weight.

I was in the same trap as my poor Mom...

SO I realised I had to come up with a different method of losing weight myself.

One that would work for women in hormonal turmoil after 40 like myself

One that would specifically target dangerous abdominal visceral fat {Belly Fat}. 

{I wanted to be around to see my kids grow up and meet my grandkids}

One that would fit in with my hectic lifestyle

One that didn’t involve killing myself with exercise or heading to the gym 
{OMG I hate the gym}

I couldn’t find a plan that covered all those essential bases.  

{It worked for me and its since worked for thousands of other women as well}

Let me introduce you to the…

Its a weight loss plan that tackles your reasons for gaining weight right at the root. That way you know the food and lifestyle changes that will work for you.

So What Is The Midlife Weight Loss Secret You’re Not Supposed To Know? 

The secret is that you need to figure out your unique Belly Type so that you can specifically target the type of fat that rushes to your belly area after 40.

Once you discover your UNIQUE BELLY TYPE, fast and targeted weight loss becomes second nature.

Because you are tackling the problem at the root

The big idea here is that there are four different types of bellies that women have. 

These belly types are called 




And Liver bellies. 

They start to be a problem for us after we turn 40.

The Belly Boss 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

starts by helping you discover your predominant Belly Type

This is THE KEY to Fast & Targeted Weight Loss 

It's important because each type of belly needs a different approach to weight loss. 

If you use the right approach for YOUR TYPE OF BELLY, then targeted weight loss becomes easy. This is because you are no longer fighting your body; it's working with you. 

This is so critical because if you are using the wrong approach for your type of belly, it could even result in weight gain! 

And this is why it may have been hard for you to lose weight recently.

We are all different and cookie cutter diets just don’t work.

Thats the problem with standardised diet industry plans and why they result in eventual weight gain.

They don’t go to the heart of the problem to solve it…

The Belly Boss 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

  • Gets to the root cause of your weight gain - so you can fix the issue at the source and stop fighting your body - which means that weight loss becomes easy and enjoyable

  • Discover what the diet industry doesn’t want you to know about the root cause of your weight gain, so that you finally know what to do and can put an end to yoyo dieting which means that keeping the weight off in the future is simple and you can break free from the diet industry forever.

  • Targets dangerous abdominal visceral fat so that you lower your risk of developing a range of serious diseases which means that you can be there for your family for many years to come.

  • Based on real food you find in any supermarket so you don’t need to buy any expensive or fancy ingredients or branded diet products which means that you save money.

  • Exercise is optional - Which means that - You don’t need to spend precious hours at the gym sweating in front of the young gym bunnies.

  • A simple framework for weight loss so that You can easily fit the plan into your everyday life which means that you do not feel overwhelmed by YET ANOTHER THING to add to your crazy to do list.

  • Balances your hormones naturally which means that you can start to see a decrease in Menopause and peri menopause or hormonal symptoms.

  • Fast results so that you can see progress quickly which means that you can start to feel more like you old self again within 21 days.

  • Uses normal everyday ingredients so that you can prepare food for the whole family which means you don’t have to make separate meals.

  • You don’t need to count calories or macros, so that you don’t feel restricted or stressed. out, which means that its easier to stick to the plan and get results.

I’m Helen Claire

I am a woman’s health researcher and weight loss expert who has helped thousands of women to lose weight and Belly Inches. To regain their health & confidence and start to feel like their old self again. I deep dive into the research and connect all the dots to figure out what works for your unique body and make it as simple as possible for you. I've put together a package with everything you need to start losing weight today. Click the link below, to get access to this life changing information immediately.

What other 40+ women are saying about The Belly Boss 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

But don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at these women who have used The Belly Boss 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge to turn their weight and health around

“"I appreciate the spreadsheets and booklets and your common sense approach to resetting our bodies"”

“"I have been super happy with the changes in my sleep, {thank you magnesium soak}, the changes in my belly size and weight. No night sweats so that is awesome. Every day is a new day in this journey and I am so happy to have found all your help and advice..."”

“"Of all the ones I tried to read on Pinterest or Google they did not make a lot of sense because they are what I already knew. But yours explained a lot about what I wanted to know, plus I did NOT know about sugar."”

What’s Inside The Belly Boss 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge?

Inside The Belly Boss 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge, you have everything that you need...

It’s designed to get you fast results in 21 days, and last a lifetime…


 is the first weight loss plan designed exclusively for women over 40 that helps you burn belly fat fast and keep the pounds off by working with your unique Belly Type

I designed THE BELLY BOSS CHALLENGE to give you everything you need to lose weight and also heal the metabolic and hormonal struggles and menopause symptoms which can throw you off track.

Once you hit the button you can download everything and start immediately.  

This is a one time price and you do not need to pay anything else.

The Belly Type Secrets for your Belly Type. For Stress, Thyroid, Liver & Hormone Belly Types
{Which means you can fix the root of your  weight problem}

 {Value $150}

Belly Type Food & Lifestyle Checklist.
for Stress, Thyroid, Liver & Hormone Belly Types

{Which means that you know what to eat and when}

 {Value $75}

Belly Type Plan Cheatsheet for your Belly Type 
{Which makes it easy to know exactly what to do}

{Value $50}

{Everything you need to know about the plan in one handy document}

{Value $199}

Quickstart Printable Planner
{Which makes it easy for you to get started, fill in and follow the plan every day}

{Value $99}

The Perfect Plate Guide
{Which means you don't need to count calories}

{Value $47}

Anti-Stress Meditation 
{To lower your stress hormone levels}

{Value $50}

Plus an Online Course Knowledge Bomb

{value $ Priceless}

As well as the digital downloads, the THE BELLY BOSS CHALLENGE online course contains a knowledge bomb of information so that you understand how to lose weight and belly fat and KEEP IT OFF. 

[The bit most diet plans fail on]

All the information you need to understand the secrets of why menopause makes weight target the belly area

How to stop it and lose weight… and how to KEEP IT OFF

Go through the course in your own time.

Order Now and Get These Bonuses Too

A few extras for early birds that will help your weight loss journey…

BONUS 1 | Cravings Buster Checklist

{Value $47}

Tips & Strategies to stop cravings sabotaging your weight loss.

BONUS 2 | Weight Loss Tracker

{Value $29}

Weight Loss Tracker.

BONUS 3 | 60 Natural Menopause Remedies Checklist

{Value $47}

Over 60 natural supplements & strategies to help with menopause symptoms.




{Value $793} ONLY $47 FOR A LIMITED TIME {one-off payment} ** Backed by our 30 days no hassle money back guarantee**

Risk Free Guarantee

**All backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee **

As you’ve seen here, THE BELLY TYPE CHALLENGE is created by a midlife woman to get YOU RESULTS. But it only works with trust…

Trust in the process and trust in me…

To show you I mean what I say and earn your trust I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

If you commit to putting in the effort I will guarantee you are thrilled with the results.

I designed this plan to help you FINALLY lose the weight you have been struggling with and I want you to succeed this time. I want as many women as possible to be able to use this information.

So, If you aren’t happy with your results just get in contact within 30 days and I will refund your money with no questions asked.

Your Questions Answered

Here are the main questions we get asked about The Belly Boss Weight Loss Challenge

  • What is The Belly Boss Weight loss Challenge?

    The Belly Boss Weight loss Challenge is a 21 Day Guided Weight Loss Plan aimed at balancing hormones, losing weight and shrinking Midlife Belly Fat. The plan works with your unique belly type. It’s a holistic plan which addresses lifestyle as well as nutrition to target Belly inches, lose weight and improve mental and physical health.

  • Who is this Plan designed for?

    The Belly Boss Weight Loss Challenge is designed for women at midlife over 40. It is specifically formulated to help with the hormonal and lifestyle issues that cause fat build up in the belly area at this age. However, it can be used safely and successfully by anyone who wants to lose weight.

  • Will it help with Menopause or Perimenopause Symptoms?

    Because the aim of the plan is to help you rebalance your hormones, you should see an improvement in Perimenopause or Menopause symptoms. Every hormonal body is different and results may vary but making the lifestyle changes that I recommend can lead to an improvement in symptoms over time.

  • Can I do this if I am Vegan?

    Unfortunately this plan is not suitable for vegans as you would not be able to eat the required protein amounts on a vegan diet. Vegetarians can follow the plan as long as you are happy to eat eggs and tofu as protein sources

  • Do I have to buy expensive ingredients?

    No. The plan is based around normal, natural foods, vegetables, and protein sources [i.e. chicken, fish, etc.] which you can easily buy locally.

  • Are there any hidden charges?

    No. Absolutely not. You pay a one off payment which gives you access to the entire program. You can do as many cycles of the plan as you want with no extra fees. You can download all the material to keep. You can access the material whenever you want, including future updates, for as long as the plan remains available. You will get access to all the information you need in the form of digital PDF format files that you can download, save and print.

  • Isn’t it impossible to spot target weight loss from the belly?

    Doing a million sit ups will not make a difference when it comes to losing belly fat. You can’t spot target subcutaneous fat like that. However. It is scientifically proven {8} that it is possible to target deep belly fat {known as Visceral Fat} from the inside with diet and lifestyle changes to lose belly inches and improve health.

  • Do I have to exercise to see success?

    Nope!. Absolutely not. Losing weight is 80% diet and only 20% exercise [if that]. Get the diet right and you will lose weight. Exercise is optional. However if you can do 30 mins of gentle exercise [walking outdoors is my favourite] a day to boost your metabolism you will get quicker results.

  • I'm under 40. Can I use this plan?

    Yes. Even though the plan is aimed at women over 40 it works fine for women under 40 too. It’s especially helpful if you suffer with Hormonal, Stress, Thyroid or Liver issues

Imagine it's 21 days from now...

You are looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror.

IMAGINE your new leaner, slimmer and ageless body looking back at you. 

IMAGINE the feeling of happiness, pride, and confidence you feel as you see your new body.

IMAGINE the feeling of relief you feel, knowing this body will help you stay active and healthy to protect your family into the future.

Feeling like your old self again and getting your younger body back is finally possible for you with this plan. 

No matter how many times fad diets have failed you in the past.

You deserve to feel younger, slimmer, and more energized. 

You also deserve a weight loss program designed specifically for you as a busy woman over 40 to be simple and sustainable.

I believe your family deserves to have you healthy and happy too…

IMAGINE - In the Next 21 Days with THE BELLY BOSS WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE, you will…

REGAIN your CONFIDENCE as you fit back into more fashionable stylish clothes and turn heads again. No More feeling like a frumpy tired old woman in baggy oversized “comfy” wear.

    See how shocked your family and friends look at the changes in your SLENDER and HEALTHY NEW BODYINSPIRE them with your TRANSFORMATION

    Start to see your Perimenopause and MENOPAUSE SYMPTOMS IMPROVE

    Feel PROUD of the good example you are setting for your family, kids, and grandkids.

    Recapture the VITALITY and PASSION in your love life when your partner can’t keep their hands off you.

    Bring back your BOUNCE and start to FEEL LIKE YOUR OLD SELF AGAIN

    BUZZ through your busy life EFFORTLESSLY with your improved ENERGY and STAMINA. No more feeling sluggish, heavy, and weighed down

    Finally feel CONFIDENT and HAPPY when you look in the mirror.

THE BELLY BOSS WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE is a sustainable lifestyle weight loss plan

It's a proven fat loss program that gets you results fast. It’s also a lifestyle approach that means that your results will be sustainable. 

No more rebound weight gain


{Value $793} ONLY $47 FOR A LIMITED TIME {one-off payment} ** Backed by our 30 days no hassle money back guarantee**

This is NOT FOR YOU if:

  • You are Vegan. {Sorry, the plan is just not designed for a vegan diet}

  • You have a health problem, illness or eating disorder

  • You need 1:1 support

  • You are under 18

This is FOR YOU if:

  • You want to learn how to improve your weight and waistline at midlife

  • You want to feel more like your old self

  • You can commit to following the plan

Inside THE BELLY BOSS WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE , you have everything that you need to start your weight loss journey today

What's included in this course?

The Belly Type Secrets for your Belly Type. For Stress, Thyroid, Liver & Hormone Belly Types
{Value $150}

Belly Type Food & Lifestyle Checklist.
for Stress, Thyroid, Liver & Hormone Belly Types

 {Value $75}

Belly Type Plan Cheatsheet for your Belly Type 
{Value $50}


{Value $199}

Quickstart Printable Planner
{Value $99}

The Perfect Plate Guide

{Value $47}

Anti-Stress Meditation 

{Value $50}

Plus an Online Course Knowledge Bomb

{value $ Priceless}

PLUS - These early bird bonuses

BONUS 1 | Cravings Buster Checklist
{Value $47}

BONUS 2 | Weight Loss Tracker 
{Value $29}

BONUS 3 | 60 Natural Menopause Remedies Checklist
{Value $47}





{Value $793} ONLY $47 FOR A LIMITED TIME {one-off payment} ** Backed by our 30 days no hassle money back guarantee**

The decision is yours today. But the impact is not…

Today is a pivotal moment for your family.

Either its today that their Mom took back control of her health… or as the day she left it to chance and ignored the issue.…

If you have kept reading to this point you clearly want transformation.

And at $47 there isn’t a reason to stop

But if you do join, give it your commitment. I’ve given you mine.

I also have to tell you…

This letter is seen thousands of times per week by other busy women just like you.

Depending on how many join I wont be able to keep the price at $47 for much longer.

The price is $47 and it probably will be tomorrow. But I reserve the right to shut the doors or increase the price at any time. 

Don't wait. You have been waiting for years. 

Take Action Now

Join us for $47

Click the Buy Now Button above to get Instant Access

With THE BELLY BOSS 21 DAY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE you lose weight, belly inches, Menopause or Perimenopause symptoms and get your life and confidence back

And you risk nothing. 

What could be better.

If you have specific questions about the plan email and my team will be happy to help

Yours in health

This price of $47 is an introductory offer. We will be raising the price soon so act now to save.


{1} - Visceral obesity and breast cancer risk

{2} CDC -


{4} Journal Diabetes




{8} A lower-carbohydrate, higher-fat diet reduces abdominal and intermuscular fat and increases insulin sensitivity in adults at risk of type 2 diabetes. pubmed