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Hi. My name’s Helen.

This is a photo of me from 2017.

It's definitely NOT my best photo ever! 

I was 47 and my Thyroid was failing badly, eventually needing to be removed as it became cancerous. I didn’t know it then but my body was about to go haywire!

Removing my Thyroid would send my HORMONES rocketing even more out of control and plunge me into a violent MENOPAUSE.

That brought uncontrollable menopause symptoms, hot flashes and sweats, depression, anxiety, hair loss, and the unstoppable weight gain!

No matter what I ate or did, the pounds piled on, especially on my BELLY. There didn’t seem to be anything I could do to stop it or reverse it. 

I looked pregnant. I felt old, fat, frumpy and worn out. 

Just like you I was miserable.

Another awful photo from a few years ago. Overweight, suffering menopause symptoms & feeling unhappy and frumpy.

I Was At Rock Bottom

No matter what I did those extra pounds were IMMOVABLE and the scale was only going in the upwards direction. 

I felt like I was on a slippery downward slope to weight gain and ill health that I couldn't reverse no matter what I tried.

Those extra pounds made a huge difference to how I felt and looked, and of course, being menopausal they headed straight for my stomach. 

I felt frumpy, puffy, out of breath and sluggish and all my clothes were way too tight.

I asked Doctors for help but they had no solutions. HRT was not something I wanted to try. Their attitude was that this was “Just The Menopause” and I would have to deal with it.

I Was Lost.

I had to do something or I felt I would take after my mum and Grandma who both spiralled into severe health difficulties and obesity after Menopause. I was so scared of that happening to me. I didn’t want that to be my path…

So I pulled on my big girl pants and started to look for an answer myself. No one else was going to do it for me.

I was unable to work as I was so ill, so I spent every waking hour obsessively researching the science behind how your hormones work and how hormones affect your HEALTH, MENTAL WELLBEING, and WEIGHT.

And I Experimented...

I tried every diet under the sun. vegan, plant based, juicing, carnivore, Keto, Paleo. You name it I experimented with it. I don’t mind admitting that I got a little crazy and obsessive in my quest to balance my hormones and regain my health.

But slowly and gradually a path emerged.

I found ways of eating that worked to nourish my broken body and slowly I crawled back to health.

As my frazzled hormones came back into balance my menopause symptoms subsided, my energy and mental health improved and miraculously, my totally unstoppable weight gain began to reverse.

 My belly fat shrank and I started to be able to fit into my old clothes again.

It was such a wonderful feeling the day I could zip my favourite old jeans up again.

And I had a Eureka moment!

I Realised...

What Women Say...

"In reply to your email, I have lost a stone in weight so I’m incredibly pleased. "



That your HORMONES are the absolute KEY to being able to lose BELLY FAT & WEIGHT at Midlife.

If your hormones are out of whack then NOTHING you do will shift the pounds. Once you get them balanced you can lose BELLY FAT easily.

That some EXERCISES can actually STOP YOU LOSING WEIGHT & that exercise is actually only a small part of the weight loss equation.

That getting your HORMONES into balance can improve your PERIMENOPAUSE or MENOPAUSE SYMPTOMS and Mental Health as well as helping you SHED THE POUNDS.

That STRESS plays a HUGE part in your Menopause Weight Loss battle.

You have to address both body AND mind in order to lose weight around midlife.


Today...fitting back in my favourite old clothes and feeling awesome

So much less bloated and feeling so much healthier. Actually feeling like my old self again.

Three years after that awful photo this is me today. My menopause Belly has shrunk away and I have got back to a great weight for me. 

I have plenty of energy, feel great mentally and, best of all, my Menopause symptoms have pretty much gone. 

What you CAN'T see in the photo is just how much healthier I feel.

I feel like I have found the way to health that will set me in the right direction as I age.

It was such a relief to finally find something that got the scales heading in the right direction. 

I have found the key to losing weight & belly fat in the menopause years {and keeping it off}

I have found the the key to losing weight & belly fat in the midlife & Menopause years.

All naturally through good food choices and gentle holistic lifestyle changes.

  • No low calorie starving

  • No crazy exercise

  • No HRT

  • All backed by science

Putting it all together into a plan

14 Days of fast & targeted weight loss

Everything you need to lose Belly Fat & Midlife Weight together into an easy to follow plan.

Targeted and fast weight loss in 14 days. 

You can do the plan as many times as you want to reach your weight and inch loss goals.

This is how and why I created 

The Belly Fat Solution 14 Day Menopause Weight Loss Plan. 

I wanted to create a realistic weight loss plan made BY A REAL WOMAN IN MIDLIFE {and not a young 20 year old guy or younger woman who hasn't experienced the craziness yet} 

It contains all of the research and steps I personally used to balance my hormones and lose weight and my Midlife Belly Fat.

You CAN lose weight and feel healthier at midlife. 

You just need to know the right way to go about it.

Does This Sound Familiar To You?

  • Old Diet Methods Don't Work Anymore

    The methods you used to lose weight just don’t work anymore and you feel like you will never be able to lose weight and get back to your pre menopausal body

  • Midlife Is Getting You Down

    You feel old, frumpy, achy and tired and want to calm down your perimenopause or menopause symptoms.

  • You Want To Feel Like YOU again

    You just want to feel more like your old self and fit back in your old clothes. You are in the right place

In the next 14 days you could...

  • See your waistline start to reappear

  • Lose inches and pounds fast!

  • Feel your clothes fit better

  • Improve your Menopause Symptoms

  • Feel healthier & more energetic

  • Feel more like your old self again...

Introducing The Belly Fat Solution 14 Day Midlife Weight Loss Plan

The Holistic Way To Balance your Hormones, Lose Weight & Feel Great - in 14 days

This is a weight loss plan WITH A DIFFERENCE.

It’s a holistic approach, working with both body and mind to balance hormones, lose weight [especially in that dreaded belly area] and help with menopause symptoms too. It's about working WITH your body and not AGAINST it.

So what’s inside the course?

The Belly Fat Solution contains everything you need to lose weight successfully.
The digital downloads and printable planners walk you through the process step by step to ensure success.

Powerful Digital Downloads

Print out and follow the simple 14 day weight loss plan to trim inches from your belly and shed pounds on the scales.

Learn how to recognise and fix the common hormonal imbalances that sabotage weight loss at midlife.

Learn the seemingly innocent foods and drinks that have been stopping you losing weight until now

Learn which exercises will stop you shedding the pounds and which ones will help you to lose belly fat.

Learn how to work holistically with your body & mind to lose weight and improve perimenopause or menopause symptoms.

What Women Say...

This has totally changed everything I thought I knew about how I should lose weight.


"This has totally changed everything I thought I knew about how I should lose weight. 10lbs down already and its been pretty easy to keep going. Not starving like I usually am {and thats when I usually quit!] Thanks for this."


  • Stop making the same weight loss mistakes

    Are you still using the weight loss methods you used before menopause and finding they dont work any more? Discover the way to lose weight during menopause that WORKS.

  • Know EXACTLY WHAT to eat to lose weight

    Never feel confused about what to eat [or avoid] to lose weight & Belly Fat. Extensive lists make it easy to eat to target Belly Fat

  • Know WHEN to eat to maximise fat loss

    Eating at the right time of day is key to losing weight at Midlife, but it’s confusing. Understand exactly WHEN to eat flips your fat burning switch.

  • Fix Your Hormones

    Knowing how to fix your hormones not only helps you lose weight but calms your menopause symptoms too. Full information on how your hormones work and how to fix them.

  • Know how to lose weight without exercise

    You dont need to exercise to lose weight with the Belly Fat Solution. Understand why exercise may actually be STOPPING you losing weight.

  • Reduce Stress & Improve Sleep

    A powerful Self-Hypnosis Soundscape will help you let go of worries and feel more relaxed.

What Women Say

In The Feedback Survey

What Do You Get?

The Belly Fat Secret

The Crucial Keys To Losing Belly Fat & Weight At Midlife

I have found that there is ONE MAIN THING that often lies behind midlife and menopause weight gain. If you can fix this you will find it much easier to lose weight.
I have written down everything you need to know for optimise your ability to lose weight.

Printable Quickstart Planner

The Printable Quickstart Planner holds your hand and guides you though the plan day by day. All the information you need in one place. 

With spaces to journal your feeling and motivating tips, this planner makes the plan as easy as possible for you.

Weight Loss Plan Overview

The Belly Fat Solution Overview shows you all the foods and techniques you need to lose Belly Fat successfully

How To Fix Hormone Hell

Hormones are the key to losing weight at midlife and around Menopause. 

This guide outlines how hormones can stop you losing weight and exactly how to FIX them.

Maintenance Plan

The Maintenance Plan outlines what to do AFTER losing weight so that you can KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF.

What Women Say...

It came off easily


"I’m proud of what I managed to achieve with this plan. Ive had difficulty losing weight before but it came off easily. 14lbs in the first cycle and Im keeping going. Feel like I can breathe easier too. Thank you."

Plus an Online Course Knowledge Bomb

As well as the digital downloads, the Belly Fat Solution online course contains a knowledge bomb of information so that you understand how to lose weight and belly fat and KEEP IT OFF. 

[The bit most diet plans fail on]

All the information you need to understand the secrets of

Why the menopause makes weight target the belly area

How to stop it and lose weight

... and how to KEEP IT OFF

Go through the course in your own time

Order Now and Get These Bonuses Too

A few extras that will help your weight loss journey

  • Cravings Buster Checklist {Value $25}

    Cravings can derail your weight loss success. This checklist gives you tips and strategies to overcome cravings easily.

  • Weight Loss Tracker {Value $30}

    This document tracks your weight as an easy to read graph. Also shows your weight loss as a percentage of your body weight. Great for motivation.

BONUS 1 Cravings Buster Checklist

{Value $25}

Tips & Strategies to stop cravings sabotaging your weight loss.

BONUS 2 Weight Loss Tracker

{Value $30}

Weight Loss Tracker.

BONUS 3 Stress Reducing Meditation Soundscape

{Value $30}

Stress Reduction is very important for weight loss.

{Please note - no physical CD is shipped}

What Women Say...

Have lost 15lb so far!

Emily A

"Giving you feedback as you asked. I actually enjoyed this diet and found it easy to follow. The weight came off quickly. Belly definitely smaller. The planner was very helpful to keep me on the straight and narrow. Im going to keep going to get to a comfortable weight. Have lost 15lb so far! But more to lose."

Your Questions Answered

  • What is the Belly Fat Solution?

    The Belly Fat Solution is a 14 Day Guided Weight Loss Plan aimed at balancing hormones, losing weight and shrinking Midlife Belly Fat. The plan is a low sugar, lower carb and high protein plan with healthy fats & intermittent fasting. Its a holistic plan which addresses lifestyle as well as nutrition to target Belly Fat, lose weight and improve mental and physical health.

  • Who is this Plan designed for?

    The Belly Fat Solution is designed for women at midlife. It is specifically formulated to help with the hormonal issues that cause fat build up in the belly area at this age. However, it can be used safely and successfully by anyone who wants to lose weight.

  • Will it help with Menopause Symptoms?

    Because the aim of the plan is to help you rebalance your hormones, you should see an improvement in Perimenopause or Menopause symptoms. Every hormonal body is different and results may vary but making the lifestyle changes that I recommend can lead to an improvement in symptoms over time.

  • Can I do this if I am Vegan?

    Unfortunately this plan is not suitable for vegans as you would not be able to eat the required protein amounts on a vegan diet. Vegetarians can follow the plan as long as you are happy to eat eggs and tofu as beans and pulses aren’t included as protein sources.

  • Do I have to buy expensive ingredients?

    No. The plan is based around normal, natural foods, vegetables, and protein sources [i.e. chicken, fish, etc.] which you can easily buy locally.

  • Are there any hidden charges?

    No. Absolutely not. You pay a one off payment which gives you access to the entire program. You can do as many cycles of the plan as you want with no extra fees and access the material whenever you want, including future updates.

  • Can my husband do this with me?

    Yes. Even though the plan is aimed at women it works fine for men too. {I tested it on my husband :) } It’s more fun to have a diet buddy to work with as well.

  • Do I have to exercise to see success?

    Nope!. Absolutely not. Losing weight is 80% diet and only 20% exercise [if that]. Get the diet right and you will lose weight. Exercise is optional. However if you can do 30 mins of gentle exercise [walking outdoors is my favourite] a day to boost your metabolism you will get quicker results. ​

  • What do I get?

    You will get access to all the course material to work through in your own time as well as digital PDF format files that you can download and print.

This is FOR YOU if:

  • You want to learn how to improve your weight and waistline at midlife

  • You want to feel more like your old self

  • You can commit to following the plan

This is NOT FOR YOU if:

  • You are Vegan. {Sorry, the plan is just not designed for a vegan diet}

  • You have a health problem, illness or eating disorder

  • You need 1:1 support

  • You are under 18

What Women Say

In The Feedback Survey


{Value $250} ONLY $39 FOR A LIMITED TIME

In 14 days from now you could...

  • Lose weight quickly & easily

  • Lose inches from around your belly

  • Feel your clothes start to fit better.

  • Start improving your hormonal symptoms

  • Feel healthier and happier with more energy

  • Reduce Stress

  • Just feel more like your old self.

If you want to feel lighter, healthier and more like your old self, please discover the secret to midlife weight loss by clicking below.

Risk Free Guarantee

Yes. I offer a no risk guarantee. If you are unhappy with the plan you can contact me for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.


{Value $250} ONLY $47 FOR A LIMITED TIME {one-off payment}

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